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Maqui berry

Meet Our Supercharged, Superstar Ingredient

We searched far and wide for the world’s next breakthrough in health and wellness, and we found it! Deep in the pristine Patagonian region of Chile, the maqui berry has a nutritional profile second to none. It delivers up to 5 times more antioxidant power than any other previously known superfruit. But the story doesn’t stop there! Learn more about maqui and how we took this berry to new heights with our exclusive MaquiX™ extract. The new number 1 has arrived!

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QuiAri shake powered by MaquiX

QuiAri Shake

Power up with our sensational-tasting shake loaded with everything you need to naturally help suppress your appetite, manage weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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QuiAri Energy powered by MaquiX

QuiAri Energy

It’s time to boost your energy, build your endurance, and increase your motivation. We give you the power to be the healthiest you!

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QuiAri 90-Day Kickstart Challenge

90-Day Kickstart Challenge

The most exciting health and wellness solution on the market is here! Get ready to feel the difference. Try it for 90 days, and love it forever.

Are you up for the challenge?

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